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Hello, my name is Evan.

I'm an with over 10 years of experience.

Work with me

These are just some of the technologies and tools I am familiar with.

Docker Kubernetes LXD Jails
Hyper-V Proxmox VSphere / ESXi Xen
Cloud IaaS
Azure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AWS Google Cloud Platform
Cloud SaaS
Microsoft 365 Google Workplace
Routing: OSPF, RIP, eBGP Switching: VLANs and STP VRRP MCLAG / LAG LACP IoT: Modbus/Bacnet/ZWave VoIP DNS DHCP, BootP, PXE VPN (IPSec)
Security Awareness Training System hardening Penetration Testing NGFW WAF SSL VPN ZTNA
Web Technologies
Apache HTTPd LigHTTPd NGINX IIS Traefik Weblogic Caddy Haproxy Apache Tomcat
PowerShell Shell Python HTML5 CSS/SASS/SCSS PHP JavaScript/TypeScript
Ansible Terraform Puppet
Peoplesoft PRTG Zabbix Zabbix


I have had the opportunity to work in many different industries - both in the private and public sectors, and as a consultant or employee.
The following is a collection of projects I am working on or have completed.

Modernization Project

Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island | January 2024 - Present

This project saw the replacement of 4 switches, 7 servers, 1 tape library, the entire SAN Fabric and the move to a full flash storage environment both SAN and Server OS drives.
The project introduced new technologies like NVMeOF (Non-Volatile Memory express over Fabric) and 10Gb MCLAG-LACP Ethernet.
Additionnally, the various VLANs, subnets and domains were optimized for seucrity, best performance and the introduction of ZTNA.

Manufacturing Plant Expansion and Automation

Island Abbey Food Science LTD. | January 2022 - April 2023

I worked with a vendor from Europe to implement Industrial Robots for fully automated manufacturing line.
This experience introduced me to networking protocols and equipment I had never been exposed to.
Additionally adding Building Management Systems (BMS) to our IoT intrasfructure so our engineers could maintain the manufuacturing floor humidity, temperature and air flow.

The Geospatial Humanities: Open Educational Resource

University of Prince Edward Island | Jun 2020 - Apr 2021

Led the research for the QGIS, and created the technical step-by-step for all tutorials in the Open Educational Resource (OER):
The Geospatial Humanities: Volume 1, An Introduction to QGIS for Historians, by Joshua MacFadyen, Benjamin Hoy, and Jim Clifford (Pressbooks, 2022)

Security Operations Centre Start-Up

Amsted Canada | Jun 2020 - Sep 2020

I join some previous colleagues that had been recruited to start the Amsted Canada Security Operations Centre - I worked with a small team of experts across various companies under the Amsted family of companies to create a centralized Security Operations Centre (SoC).
I worked to tie together all of the various infrastructures into a single SIEM