Welcome to my personal portfolio.

Canadian IT professional and Digital Humanist.

IT Professional

I have 8 years of experience as an IT Professional in a variety of roles.

Digital Humanities

I have 3 years of experience working on various Digital Humanities projects.


I have worked on Video and Stream production and tooling.

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About Me

I believe in using technology for good.

Technology and the Internet have provided humanity with many tools that directly affect most of our personal or work lives.

My Projects

Some of the major projects I work on…

I have many interests, and spend some of my free time working on them.

Time for Privacy

is a blog about Digital Privacy and Security Rights.

Why Stream?

is a blog about Video Production and Streaming.

Meet Modern Inc.

is my consulting business that offers a variety of services from Security, Training, and IT Procurement.

Hub Link

is a Link Shortener and Link Aggregator with some special tools and features.

Behind the Dungeons

is a blog, video content and podcast about Table Top Role Playing Games.


is a open source modular framework for Table Top Role Playing Games.

My Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

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